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Welcome to the West Arundel Swim Club web site.

2019 Opening Day Pictures

2019 Fathers Day Pictures

 Opening Day 2019

 Opening Day 2019

 Opening Day 2019

 Opening Day 2019

 Opening Day 2019

 Opening Day 2019

                          West Arundel Swim Club, Inc.
                                        P.O. Box 682
                               Laurel, Maryland 20725

 Meeting Letter PDF format

Swim Club Members -
The West Arundel Swim Club Offers the Option of Credit Card Payment.  If you are interested 
in taking advantage of this Payment Option - Please send and Email to Club President 
(John Venit - Email dpws@aol.com) with your Family Name, Pool Share Number (if Known) and 
your Email address.
And the Club will send you an Invoice that can be paid with a Credit/Debit Card.  
The email will come from invoicing@messaging.squareup.com. You will be sent an Email and 
you just click on the Link and pay your dues with your Credit/Debit Card on the secures 
website through Square. Note:  There is a $15.00 processing fee added to your invoice for 
paying with a Credit/Debit Card.

   Plan Your Summer Fun an Excitement at the…

West Arundel Swim Club, Inc.
Located on Old Line Ave., in Maryland City (Between Park Hall So and Horsehead So)
For Information Call (301) 725-5644 or (301) 725-7711

*** Payment with Credit/Debit Card or Check***
*** Free Swimming Lessons for 2018***
Available to Family Members with the Purchase of Any New “Family Type” Members

-	Huge “T” Shaped Pool                                  - Pavilion with Picnic Area
-	Diving Well & Diving Boards                           - Snack Bar
-	Water Slide                                           - Sand Volleyball Courts
-	Kiddy Pool with Fountain                              - Horseshoes
-	Playground                                            - Basketball Court
-	Sand Box                                              - Kid’s Parties
-	Swim Team                                             - Youth/Teen Parties
-	Swim Lessons                                          - Family Parties
-	Aquatic Classes                                       - Social Events

Open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day
7 Days a Week (Weather Permitting)

All Fees Below are for the 2018 Summer
Family Trial Membership
- One year plan to introduce new members to the Club
- Dues:  $440.00 (for the Entire Summer)
Family Interim Membership
- Three year plan that purchases bond and converts to a Family Membership
- Dues:  $505.00
Family Membership
- Pays a one-time bond fee of $300 to join the Club (refunded when bond is re-sold)
- Dues:  $405.00
Single Membership
- Pays a one-time membership fee of $100 to join the Club
- Dues:  $195.00
Renter’s Membership
- Annual renewable membership available to families who live in rental properties
- Dues:  $450.00

To Join Please Contact us at:
Call (301) 725-5644 or (301) 725-7711
Email Address:  dpws@aol.com

WASC Members -
New West Arundel Swim Club (WASC) Email Group.
This group will be used for all future announcements and information concerning the WASC.
Please take the time to click the "WASC Email Group" link below to join the group.
You can choose to be removed from the group at any time in the future.
 WASC Email Group on Google

If you have any issues joining the group please send an email to WASCPool@gmail.com

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